Running Python from Atom

Running Python from Atom

The script package does exactly what youre looking for:

The packages documentation also contains the key mappings, which you can easily customize.

Download and Install package here:

To execute the python command in atom use the below shortcuts:

For Windows/Linux, its SHIFT + Ctrl + B OR Ctrl + SHIFT + B

If youre on Mac, press ⌘ + I

Running Python from Atom

To run the python file on mac.

  1. Open the preferences in atom ide. To open the preferences press command + .
    ( ⌘ + , )
  2. Click on the install in the preferences to install packages.

  3. Search for package script and click on install

  4. Now open the python file(with .py extension ) you want to run and press control + r (^ + r)

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