python – What is a namespace object?

python – What is a namespace object?

  • The documentation for argparse.Namespace can be found here.
  • You can access the s attribute by doing args.s.
  • If youd like to access this as a dictionary, you can do vars(args), which means you can also do vars(args)[s]

It is the result object that argparse returns; the items named are attributes:


This is a very simple object, deliberately so. Your parsed arguments are attributes on this object (with the name determined by the long option, or if set, the dest argument).

python – What is a namespace object?

you can access as args.s , NameSpace class is deliberately simple, just an object subclass with a readable string representation. If you prefer to have dict-like view of the attributes, you can use the standard Python idiom, vars(). Source

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