Python: URLError:

Python: URLError:

The error code 10060 means it cannot connect to the remote peer. It might be because of the network problem or mostly your setting issues, such as proxy setting.

You could try to connect the same host with other tools(such as ncat) and/or with another PC within your same local network to find out where the problem is occuring.

For proxy issue, there are some material here:

Using an HTTP PROXY – Python

Why cant I get Pythons urlopen() method to work on Windows?

Hope it helps!

Answer (Basic is advance!):

Error: 10060
Adding a timeout parameter to request solved the issue for me.

Example 1

import urllib
import urllib2
g =
read = urllib2.urlopen(g, timeout=20)

Example 2

A similar error also occurred while I was making a GET request. Again, passing a timeout parameter solved the 10060 Error.

response = requests.get(param_url, timeout=20)

Python: URLError:

This is because of the proxy settings.
I also had the same problem, under which I could not use any of the modules which were fetching data from the internet.
There are simple steps to follow:
1. open the control panel
2. open internet options
3. under connection tab open LAN settings
4. go to advance settings and unmark everything, delete every proxy in there. Or u can just unmark the checkbox in proxy server this will also do the same
5. save all the settings by clicking ok.
you are done.
try to run the programme again, it must work
it worked for me at least

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