Python : Trying to POST form using requests

Python : Trying to POST form using requests

You can use the Session object

import requests
headers = {User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0}
payload = {username:niceusername,password:123456}

session = requests.Session(),headers=headers,data=payload)
# the session instance holds the cookie. So use it to get/post later.
# e.g. session.get(

Send a POST request with content type = form-data:

import requests
files = {
    username: (None, myusername),
    password: (None, mypassword),
response =, files=files)

Python : Trying to POST form using requests

I was having problems here (i.e. sending form-data whilst uploading a file) until I used the following:

files = {file: (filename, open(filepath, rb), text/xml),
         Content-Disposition: form-data; name=file; filename= + filename + ,
         Content-Type: text/xml}

Thats the input that ended up working for me. In Chrome Dev Tools -> Network tab, I clicked the request I was interested in. In the Headers tab, theres a Form Data section, and it showed both the Content-Disposition and the Content-Type headers being set there.

I did NOT need to set headers in the actual command for this to succeed (including them actually caused it to fail)

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