python request with authentication (access_token)

python request with authentication (access_token)

The requests package has a very nice API for HTTP requests, adding a custom header works like this (source: official docs):

>>> import requests
>>> response = requests.get(
..., headers={Authorization: access_token myToken})

If you dont want to use an external dependency, the same thing using urllib2 of the standard library looks like this (source: the missing manual):

>>> import urllib2
>>> response = urllib2.urlopen(
... urllib2.Request(, headers={Authorization: access_token myToken})

I had the same problem when trying to use a token with Github.

The only syntax that has worked for me with Python 3 is:

import requests

myToken = <token>
myUrl = <website>
head = {Authorization: token {}.format(myToken)}
response = requests.get(myUrl, headers=head)

python request with authentication (access_token)

>>> import requests
>>> response = requests.get(, headers={Authorization: access_token myToken})

If the above doesnt work , try this:

>>> import requests
>>> response = requests.get(, headers={ Authorization: Bearer <your_token> })
>>> print response.json()

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