python pip – install from local dir

python pip – install from local dir

All you need to do is run

pip install /opt/mypackage

and pip will search /opt/mypackage for a, build a wheel, then install it.

The problem with using the -e flag for pip install as suggested in the comments and this answer is that this requires that the original source directory stay in place for as long as you want to use the module. Its great if youre a developer working on the source, but if youre just trying to install a package, its the wrong choice.

Alternatively, you dont even need to download the repo from Github at all. pip supports installing directly from git repos using a variety of protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH, among others. See the docs I linked to for examples.

You were looking for help on installations with pip. You can find it with the following command:

pip install --help

Running pip install -e /path/to/package installs the package in a way, that you can edit the package, and when a new import call looks for it, it will import the edited package code. This can be very useful for package development.

python pip – install from local dir

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