python mpl_toolkits installation issue

python mpl_toolkits installation issue

It is not on PyPI and you should not be installing it via pip. If you have matplotlib installed, you should be able to import mpl_toolkits directly:

$ pip install --upgrade matplotlib

$ python
>>> import mpl_toolkits

It doesnt work on Ubuntu 16.04, it seems that some libraries have been forgotten in the python installation package on this one. You should use package manager instead.


Uninstall matplotlib from pip then install it again with apt-get

python 2:

sudo pip uninstall matplotlib
sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib

python 3:

sudo pip3 uninstall matplotlib
sudo apt-get install python3-matplotlib

python mpl_toolkits installation issue

if anyone has a problem on Mac, can try this

sudo pip install --upgrade matplotlib --ignore-installed six

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