Python – Module Not Found

Python – Module Not Found

All modules in Python have to have a certain directory structure. You can find details here.

Create an empty file called under the model directory, such that your directory structure would look something like that:

└── project
    └── src
        └── model

Also in your file change the import statement to the following:

from model.order import SellOrder

That should fix it

P.S.: If you are placing your model directory in some other location (not in the same directory branch), you will have to modify the python path using sys.path.

If its your root module just add it to PYTHONPATH (PyCharm usually does that)

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:<root module path>

for Docker:

ENV PYTHONPATH=${PYTHONPATH}:<root module path in container>

Python – Module Not Found

you need a file named (two underscores on each side) in every folder in the hierarchy, so one in src/ and one in model/. This is what python looks for to know that it should access a particular folder. The files are meant to contain initialization instructions but even if you create them empty this will solve it.

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