python – Iterating through a JSON object

python – Iterating through a JSON object

I believe you probably meant:

from __future__ import print_function

for song in json_object:
    # now song is a dictionary
    for attribute, value in song.items():
        print(attribute, value) # example usage

NB: You could use song.iteritems instead of song.items if in Python 2.

Your loading of the JSON data is a little fragile. Instead of:

json_raw= raw.readlines()
json_object = json.loads(json_raw[0])

you should really just do:

json_object = json.load(raw)

You shouldnt think of what you get as a JSON object. What you have is a list. The list contains two dicts. The dicts contain various key/value pairs, all strings. When you do json_object[0], youre asking for the first dict in the list. When you iterate over that, with for song in json_object[0]:, you iterate over the keys of the dict. Because thats what you get when you iterate over the dict. If you want to access the value associated with the key in that dict, you would use, for example, json_object[0][song].

None of this is specific to JSON. Its just basic Python types, with their basic operations as covered in any tutorial.

python – Iterating through a JSON object

This question has been out here a long time, but I wanted to contribute how I usually iterate through a JSON object. In the example below, Ive shown a hard-coded string that contains the JSON, but the JSON string could just as easily have come from a web service or a file.

import json

def main():

    # create a simple JSON array
    jsonString = {key1:value1,key2:value2,key3:value3}

    # change the JSON string into a JSON object
    jsonObject = json.loads(jsonString)

    # print the keys and values
    for key in jsonObject:
        value = jsonObject[key]
        print(The key and value are ({}) = ({}).format(key, value))


if __name__ == __main__:

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