python is not recognized windows 10

python is not recognized windows 10

Make sure the path is in your System PATH variable and not in a User PATH variable. After adding the path to the PATH variable, make sure you close and re-open any command prompts so they use the updated PATH.

You should also confirm the path by checking python directly from the folder.

The example below is for the OPs path.

Make sure you use the path specific to your installation:

  1. %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalProgramsPythonPython36

  2. %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalProgramsPythonPython36Scripts for access to tools such as PIP

  3. %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalProgramsPythonLauncher

    cd c:PythonPython36-32

    python –version

or using CMD or Powershell on Windows: >Python --version
should print Python 3.x.x where x = version specific numbers.

I had the same problem, due to a stupid decision from Microsoft.

I had another line in my system path variable:

And windows 10 put there a python.exe file that only redirected me to the python page of the Microsoft Store:

Since this line was above my true python path, typing python in the cmd prompt opened the Microsoft Store…


Type App execution aliases in the windows 10 search bar, then uncheck the aliases for python.exe and python3.exe. More information here

python is not recognized windows 10

If still not working, as mentioned above in the answers, then simply move up the path, as shown in the screenshot.


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