Python 3.9 pip install

Python 3.9 pip install

In python 3.9 you can add below path(scripts path) to your environment variable


Once the path is added, open a fresh CMD window and type pip --version.

You can see your pip version pip 20.2.4

I found that for Python 3.9 if you enter the command as py -m pip install, the installation initiates as expected.

Annotation 2021-06-17 121518_install pywinauto Visual Studio Code terminal

Python 3.9 pip install

I finally can use pip install.
Here is how I do it:

  1. Run python 3.6.9-adm64.exe

  2. Choose Modify

  3. Tick all boxes and click Next

  4. Tick [Create shortcuts…appplication](not important) and Add Python to environment variables and click Install

  5. Now run CMD and type:

    py -m pip install (name) //pygame for example

Now I installed pygame easily.

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