Programmatically generate video or animated GIF in Python?

Programmatically generate video or animated GIF in Python?

Id recommend not using images2gif from visvis because it has problems with PIL/Pillow and is not actively maintained (I should know, because I am the author).

Instead, please use imageio, which was developed to solve this problem and more, and is intended to stay.

Quick and dirty solution:

import imageio
images = []
for filename in filenames:
imageio.mimsave(/path/to/movie.gif, images)

For longer movies, use the streaming approach:

import imageio
with imageio.get_writer(/path/to/movie.gif, mode=I) as writer:
    for filename in filenames:
        image = imageio.imread(filename)

Heres how you do it using only PIL (install with: pip install Pillow):

import glob
from PIL import Image

# filepaths
fp_in = /path/to/image_*.png
fp_out = /path/to/image.gif

imgs = ( for f in sorted(glob.glob(fp_in)))
img = next(imgs)  # extract first image from iterator, format=GIF, append_images=imgs,
         save_all=True, duration=200, loop=0)

See docs:

Programmatically generate video or animated GIF in Python?

Well, now Im using ImageMagick. I save my frames as PNG files and then invoke ImageMagicks convert.exe from Python to create an animated GIF. The nice thing about this approach is I can specify a frame duration for each frame individually. Unfortunately this depends on ImageMagick being installed on the machine. They have a Python wrapper but it looks pretty crappy and unsupported. Still open to other suggestions.

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