or die() in Python

or die() in Python

Well, first, sys.exit([arg]) is more common, and if you really wanted something equivalent to die in PHP, you should use that, raise a SystemExit error, or call os._exit.

The major use of the die method in PHP is, The script has reached some impasse cannot recover from it. It is rarely, if ever, used on production code. You are better off raising an exception in a called function, catching it in the parent, and finding a graceful exit point — that is the best way in both languages.

Lots of good answers, but no-one has yet suggested the obvious way to write this in Python:

assert check_something(), Incorrect data

Just be aware that it wont do the check if you turn on optimisation, not that anyone ever does.

or die() in Python

While that style is common in PHP and Perl, its very un-Pythonic and Id encourage you not to write Python that way. You should follow the conventions in the language youre using, and write something like this:

if not check_something():
    raise Exception(Incorrect data)

FWIW, doing the or die(…) way adds another level to your stack trace, which is another minor disadvantage.

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