Not able to pip install pickle in python 3.6

Not able to pip install pickle in python 3.6

pickle module is part of the standard library in Python for a very long time now so there is no need to install it via pip. I wonder if you IDE or command line is not messed up somehow so that it does not find python installation path. Please check if your %PATH% contains a path to python (e.g. C:Python36 or something similar) or if your IDE correctly detects root path where Python is installed.

You can pip install pickle by running command pip install pickle-mixin.
Proceed to import it using import pickle.
This can be then used normally.

Not able to pip install pickle in python 3.6

Pickle is a module installed for both Python 2 and Python 3 by default. See the standard library for 3.6.4 and 2.7.

Also to prove what I am saying is correct try running this script:

import pickle

This will print out the Pickle documentation showing you all the functions (and a bit more) it provides.

Or you can start the integrated Python 3.6 Module Docs and check there.

As a rule of thumb: if you can import the module without an error being produced then it is installed

The reason for the No matching distribution found for pickle is because libraries for included packages are not available via pip because you already have them (I found this out yesterday when I tried to install an integrated package).

If its running without errors but it doesnt work as expected I would think that you made a mistake somewhere (perhaps quickly check the functions you are using in the docs). Python is very informative with its errors so we generally know if something is wrong.

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