mysql installer fails to recognize python 3.4

mysql installer fails to recognize python 3.4

Just to add to the murkiness, I had the same error with current version of MySql install when attempting with python 3.5 installed (which is the latest python download). Long story short, I uninstalled python 3.5, installed python 3.4.4 (which interestingly didnt update PATH so I updated it manually) and reran installer and it found the python installation.

So my conclusion is the MySql installer is tied to certain versions of the add-on products which in this case meant specifically python 3.4

just in case anyone else has this issue in future. Look at what bit version you have for Python 3.4. When I installed 64 bit version of Python 3.4, this issue went away.

mysql installer fails to recognize python 3.4

I ran into a similar issue with Python 3.7.2.

In my case, the problem was that I tried to install the 64 bit MySQL connector, but had the 32 bit version of Python installed on my machine.

I got a similar error message:

Python v3.7 not found. We only support Python installed using the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) […]

The problem just went away by installing the 32 bit MySQL connector instead.

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