How to run python script in HTML?

How to run python script in HTML?

You can able to run a python file using html using php

write a PHP file as index.php:

<title>run my python files</title>
echo shell_exec(python parameter1);

passing the parameter to python
create a python as

import sys

print the parameter passed by PHP.

It probably would depend on what you want to do. I personally use CGI and it might be simpler if your inputs from the web page are simple, and it takes less time to learn. Here are some resources for it:

However you may still have to do some configuring to allow it to run the program instead of displaying it.

Heres a tutorial on that:

How to run python script in HTML?

If your web server is apache you can use the module in order to run your python CGI scripts.

For nginx you can use

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