How to return an empty list in python

How to return an empty list in python

Here, I took the liberty to tidy up the code.

def start():  # dont use the name input()
    nextRound = [Dad, Mom]
    maleNames = [son, James, Mick, Dad]

    a = int(input(Enter a number please))
    if a == 1:
        nextRound, maleNames = ErrorInput(1, nextRound, maleNames)  # if you want nextRound, maleNames to be [] you have to assign it to them
        print(nextRound, maleNames)

def ErrorInput(error, namelist, round):
    error_codes = {1: ERROR: You have entered a number above what is impossible to score, 2: ERROR: You Have entered a score meaning both players win,3: ERROR: You have entered a score meaning neither of the two players win, 4: ERROR: You have entered a negative number, this is impossible}  # too many ifs makes one wonder if a dictionary is the way to go
    print(error_codes.get(error, Unknown Error))
    return([], [])  # return the empty lists.


Not sure why you go to such lengths to just get [], [] but whatever floats your boat.

Take a look at the notes on the code to get a better feeling of why I made the changes.

As per the comment above, i dont follow your code. But to iteratively empty a list try:

while len(maleNames) !=0:
    popped = maleNames.pop()
    print(Popped value: , popped, tNew list: , maleNames)

How to return an empty list in python

Use namelist.clear() to clear a list

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