how to open xlsx file with python 3

how to open xlsx file with python 3

You can use Pandas pandas.read_excel just like pandas.read_csv:

import pandas as pd
file_errors_location = C:\Users\atheelm\Documents\python excel mission\errors1.xlsx
df = pd.read_excel(file_errors_location)

There are two modules for reading xls file : openpyxl and xlrd

This script allow you to transform a excel data to list of dictionnaries using xlrd

import xlrd

workbook = xlrd.open_workbook(C:\Users\atheelm\Documents\python excel mission\errors1.xlsx)
workbook = xlrd.open_workbook(C:\Users\atheelm\Documents\python excel mission\errors1.xlsx, on_demand = True)
worksheet = workbook.sheet_by_index(0)
first_row = [] # The row where we stock the name of the column
for col in range(worksheet.ncols):
    first_row.append( worksheet.cell_value(0,col) )
# tronsform the workbook to a list of dictionnary
data =[]
for row in range(1, worksheet.nrows):
    elm = {}
    for col in range(worksheet.ncols):
print data

how to open xlsx file with python 3

Unfortunately, the python engine xlrd that is required to read the Excel docs has explicitly removed support for anything other than xls files.

So heres how you can do it now –

Note: This worked for me with the latest version of Pandas (i.e. 1.1.5). Previously, I was using version 0.24.0 and it didnt work so I had to update to latest version.

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