How to install PyGame on Python 3.4?

How to install PyGame on Python 3.4?

You can install the wheel file for Python 3.4 here:

First you have to install the wheel package from pip then install Pygame.

pip install wheel

pip install pygame‑1.9.2a0‑cp34‑none‑win_amd64.whl

Heres a video to help you install pip on Youtube.

Here is a great VIDEO tutorial: (it is on youtube)

This is what I use to install .whl modules to python (I do this in the 64 bit windows cmd):

cd C:Users(YOUR USERNAME)Desktop 

(assuming that you have the .whl file on your desktop)

C:Python34Scriptspip install filename.whl

(where filename.whl is the full name of the .whl file, with the .whl extension)

After that it will install, and you are free to use PyGame!

How to install PyGame on Python 3.4?

14 y/o? Good for you! You can put the file into your python/scripts folder and run pip install *file* (where *file* is your filename).

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