How to install PIP on Python 3.6?

How to install PIP on Python 3.6?

pip is bundled with Python > 3.4

On Unix-like systems use:

python3.6 -m pip install [Package_to_install]

On a Windows system use:

py -m pip install [Package_to_install]

(On Windows you may need to run the command prompt as administrator to be able to write into python installation directory)

Download python 3.6

It is possible that pip does not get installed by default. One potential fix is to open cmd and type:

python -m ensurepip --default-pip

and then

python -m pip install [Package_to_install]

actually i had nothing in my scripts folder idk why
but these steps worked for me.

How to install PIP on Python 3.6?

If pip doesnt come with your installation of python 3.6, this may work:

sudo python3.6

then you can python -m install

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