How to install opencv-python in python 3.8

How to install opencv-python in python 3.8

EDIT / UPDATE: You can now install through pip, support was added to python 3.8

OpenCV is not yet (officially) compatible with python 3.8. this version of python is quite new and lots of pip packages cant be installed on it (yet). You can verify that at the bottom of the PyPi page for OpenCV

Three possible solutions:

  1. Downgrade to python 3.7.5 and install the package through pip as you normally would, and wait for an officially supported version before trying again with python 3.8
  2. Try building OpenCV from source files yourself. This might require quite a bit of technical knowledge and might ultimately fail anyway without some changes to the source. If youre interested in that solution, start here for windows or here for linux
  3. There is a pre-built wheel available here that works with python 3.8, but it is unofficial (but the source here is quite credible) – this is probably the easiest choice to set up

Also, you can track when support will come to python 3.8 in this GitHub issue

Under python 3.8.
Open Anaconda prompt
Then type: pip install opencv-python

I hope this is useful for everybody

How to install opencv-python in python 3.8

the solution to use in 3.8 is to download the .whl and install it with pip
pip install D: downloads opencv_python-4.2.0-cp38-cp38-win_amd64.whl

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