How to install NumPy for Python 3.6

How to install NumPy for Python 3.6

As long as binary packages (so-called wheels) for 3.6 have not been released to PyPi yet, you can resort to unofficial (but working) ones available at Download the file and install it like this:

pip install C:pathtonumpy‑1.11.3+mkl‑cp36‑cp36m‑win_amd64.whl

Pip itself is not part of Python. However, since version 3.4 Python includes the ensurepip module that allows bootstrapping a pip installation. After calling

python3.6 -m ensurepip

you should be able to install numpy via pip.

How to install NumPy for Python 3.6

Pip is always be installed in subdirectory Scripts of the Python 3.6 install directory.

Open command prompt in windows, change directory to Scripts and input pip list, you will see what has been installed, then input pip install numpy, and the numpy will be installed.

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