How to download multiple files and images from a website using python

How to download multiple files and images from a website using python

Thats a problem that requires a coding solution. I can point you to some tools to use to accomplish this, but not a full code solution.

Request Library: Communicating with HTTP Server (websites)

BeautifulSoup: Html Parser (website source code parsing)


>>> import requests
>>> from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as BS
>>> response = requests.get(
>>> response.status_code # 200 == OK
>>> soup = BS(response.text) # Create a html parsing object
>>> soup.title # Heres the browser title tag
<title>Hacker News</title>
>>> soup.title.text # The contents of the tag
uHacker News
>>> # Heres some article posts
>>> post_containers = soup.find_all(tr, attrs={class:athing})
>>> print There are %d article posts. % len(post_containers)
There are 30 article posts.
>>> # The article name is the 3rd and last object in a post_container
>>> for container in post_containers:
...     title = container.contents[-1] # The last tag
...     title.a.text # Grab the `a` tag inside our titile tag, print the text
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A Python solution is to use urllib to download the PDFs. Please see Download pdf using urllib?.

To get a list of PDFs to download, use xml module.

website = urllib.urlopen(
root = ET.fromstring(website)
list = root.findall(table)
hrefs = list.findall(a)
for a in hrefs:

How to download multiple files and images from a website using python

Since your goal is to batch download pdf files, the simplest way is not writing a script, but to use commitial software. Internet Download Manager can just compete what you need in two steps:

  • Copy all those text including links in webbrowser.
  • Select Task > Add batch download from clipboard.


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