How to check sbt version?

How to check sbt version?

$ sbt sbtVersion

This prints the sbt version used in your current project, or if it is a multi-module project for each module.

$ sbt inspect sbtVersion
[info] Set current project to jacek (in build file:/Users/jacek/)
[info] Setting: java.lang.String = 0.13.1
[info] Description:
[info]  Provides the version of sbt.  This setting should be not be modified.
[info] Provided by:
[info]  */*:sbtVersion
[info] Defined at:
[info]  (sbt.Defaults) Defaults.scala:68
[info] Delegates:
[info]  *:sbtVersion
[info]  {.}/*:sbtVersion
[info]  */*:sbtVersion
[info] Related:
[info]  */*:sbtVersion

You may also want to use sbt about that (copying Mark Harrahs comment):

The about command was added recently to try to succinctly print the
most relevant information, including the sbt version.

sbt about then enter to get SBT version


How to check sbt version?

Running the command, sbt sbt-version will simply output your current directory and the version number.

$ sbt sbt-version
[info] Set current project to spark (in build file:/home/morgan/code/spark/)
[info] 0.13.8

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