Hex to Base64 conversion in Python

Hex to Base64 conversion in Python

Edit 26 Aug 2020: As suggested by Ali in the comments, using codecs.encode(b, base64) would result in extra line breaks for MIME syntax. Only use this method if you do want those line breaks formatting.

For a plain Base64 encoding/decoding, use base64.b64encode and base64.b64decode. See the answer from Ali for details.

In Python 3, arbitrary encodings including Hex and Base64 has been moved to codecs module. To get a Base64 str from a hex str:

import codecs

hex = 10000000000002ae
b64 = codecs.encode(codecs.decode(hex, hex), base64).decode()
from base64 import b64encode, b64decode

# hex -> base64
s = cafebabe
b64 = b64encode(bytes.fromhex(s)).decode()
print(cafebabe in base64:, b64)

# base64 -> hex
s2 = b64decode(b64.encode()).hex()
print(yv66vg== in hex is:, s2)
assert s == s2

This prints:

cafebabe in base64: yv66vg==
yv66vg== in hex is: cafebabe

The relevant functions in the documentation, hex to base64:

Base64 to hex:

I dont understand why many of the other answers are making it so complicated. For example the most upvoted answer as of Aug 26, 2020:

  • There is no need for the codecs module here.
  • The codecs module uses base64.encodebytes(s) under the hood (see reference here), so it converts to multiline MIME base64, so you get a new line after every 76 bytes of output. Unless you are sending it in e-mail, it is most likely not what you want.

As for specifying utf-8 when encoding a string, or decoding bytes: It adds unnecessary noise. Python 3 uses utf-8 encoding for strings by default. It is not a coincidence that the writers of the standard library made the default encoding of the encode/decode methods also utf-8, so that you dont have to needlessly specify the utf-8 encoding over and over again.

Hex to Base64 conversion in Python

Python 2 has native support for both HEX and base64 encoding:

encoded = HEX_STRING.decode(hex).encode(base64)

(if you are using Python 3, see Eana Hufwe or Alis answers instead)

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