graphics – Python tcl is not installed properly

graphics – Python tcl is not installed properly

I sloved by modifying my activate script:

set TCL_LIBRARY=D:Program Files (x86)Python3.5tcltcl8.6
set TK_LIBRARY=D:Program Files (x86)Python3.5tcltcl8.6

Regarding what you can do, you can try editing your init.tcl file to read something like package require Tcl 8.5.0-8.6, or if that doesnt work you can try package require -exact Tcl 8.5.2. I also had to edit my tcltk8.5tk.tcl file in the same way, for Tk instead of Tcl.

If editing the file does not work for you, you can download and install the latest Tcl from:

  • source using the latest version from sourceforge. This will require having an acceptable compiler. For example, see or
  • the latest ActiveState community version. This may be the easiest option if you have permission to install. Seeing that this is for CS 101, your lab administrators might not allow you that permission (whether by policy or technology). Of course, that also probably means this answer comes too late to help with your immediate need.

Regarding what it means, without more information, I can only make conjectures right now. I had the reverse problem; I will tell you about it in hopes that it gives you some insight into what it might mean.

I have 8.5.9 installed, but init.tcl was requiring 8.5.2. Im guessing my problem was caused by installing ActiveState python, then official python (both 2.7, 64-bit), and/or additional packages I installed later. There is a note at the bottom of this download page regarding Tcl/Tk on MacOS that one could interpret to mean there is room for trouble on the PC as well. ActiveState Python 2.7 includes Tcl/Tk 8.5.9, as documented here. Using 7-zip to open the msi files from ActiveState and, and grepping for tcl and then require, I can see that the init.tcl in the ActiveState msi specifies package require -exact Tcl 8.5.9.

My guess is that the 8.5.2 requirement came from the regular python install (which is apparently less grepable), or some package I installed later. Running the ActiveState msi in repair mode does not fix the issue, nor does running the Python msi in repair mode.

P.S If this isnt timely, why did I still answer? Crafting a decent answer for you helped me understand my issue better.

graphics – Python tcl is not installed properly

I faced the same problem during my last installation of ns2.35 in ubuntu 11.04.
After I install ns2.35, got message of successful installation of ns. Then I set path in /.bashrc. Then I gave ns command which gave me same error which you got.

The problem is because, ns executable is also at /usr which is conflicting.


  1. Go to location root-usr-local-bin by giving following command in terminal
    cd /usr/local/bin
  2. There you would find the ns file. We just need to remove it by giving following command
    rm ns
  3. Thats it, you are done. Now your ns starts running successfully.

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