Display Python datetime without time

Display Python datetime without time

print then.date()

What you want is a datetime.date object. What you have is a datetime.datetime object. You can either change the object when you print as per above, or do the following when creating the object:

then = datetime.datetime.strptime(when, %Y-%m-%d).date()
>>> print then.date(), type(then.date())
2013-05-07 <type datetime.date>

Display Python datetime without time

If you need the result to be timezone-aware, you can use the replace() method of datetime objects. This preserves timezone, so you can do

>>> from django.utils import timezone
>>> now = timezone.now()
>>> now
datetime.datetime(2018, 8, 30, 14, 15, 43, 726252, tzinfo=<UTC>)
>>> now.replace(hour=0, minute=0, second=0, microsecond=0)
datetime.datetime(2018, 8, 30, 0, 0, tzinfo=<UTC>)

Note that this returns a new datetime object — now remains unchanged.

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