deep learning – Install issues with lr_utils in python

deep learning – Install issues with lr_utils in python

As per the answer above, lr_utils is a part of the deep learning course and is a utility to download the data sets. It should readily work with the paid version of the course but in case you lost access to it, I noticed this github project has the as well as some data sets

The chinese website links did not work when I looked at them. Maybe the server storing the files expired. I did see that this github project had some datasets though as well as the lr_utils file.

Download the datasets from the answer above.

And use this code (Its better than the above since it closes the files after usage):

def load_dataset():
    with h5py.File(datasets/train_catvnoncat.h5, r) as train_dataset:
        train_set_x_orig = np.array(train_dataset[train_set_x][:])
        train_set_y_orig = np.array(train_dataset[train_set_y][:])

    with h5py.File(datasets/test_catvnoncat.h5, r) as test_dataset:
        test_set_x_orig = np.array(test_dataset[test_set_x][:])
        test_set_y_orig = np.array(test_dataset[test_set_y][:])
        classes = np.array(test_dataset[list_classes][:])

    train_set_y_orig = train_set_y_orig.reshape((1, train_set_y_orig.shape[0]))
    test_set_y_orig = test_set_y_orig.reshape((1, test_set_y_orig.shape[0]))

    return train_set_x_orig, train_set_y_orig, test_set_x_orig, test_set_y_orig, classes

deep learning – Install issues with lr_utils in python

You will be able to find the and all the other .py files (and thus the code inside them) required by the assignments:

  1. Go to the first assignment (ie. Python Basics with numpy) – which you can always access whether you are a paid user or not

  2. And then click on Open button in the Menu bar above. (see the image below)


Then you can include the code of the modules directly in your code.

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