Convert string to variable name in python

Convert string to variable name in python

exec(%s = %d % (x,2))

After that you can check it by:

print buffalo

As an output you will see:

This is the best way, I know of to create dynamic variables in python.

my_dict = {}
x = Buffalo
my_dict[x] = 4

I found a similar, but not the same question here
Creating dynamically named variables from user input

Convert string to variable name in python

You can use a Dictionary to keep track of the keys and values.

For instance…

dictOfStuff = {} ##Make a Dictionary

x = Buffalo ##OR it can equal the input of something, up to you.

dictOfStuff[x] = 4 ##Get the dict spot that has the same key (name) as what X is equal to. In this case Buffalo. and set it to 4. Or you can set it to  what ever you like

print(dictOfStuff[x]) ##print out the value of the spot in the dict that same key (name) as the dictionary.

A dictionary is very similar to a real life dictionary. You have a word and you have a definition. You can look up the word and get the definition. So in this case, you have the word Buffalo and its definition is 4. It can work with any other word and definition. Just make sure you put them into the dictionary first.

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