Changing file permission in Python

Changing file permission in Python

os.chmod(path, stat.S_IRUSR | stat.S_IRGRP | stat.S_IROTH)


The following flags can also be used in the mode argument of

stat.S_ISUID Set UID bit.

stat.S_ISGID Set-group-ID bit. This bit has several special uses. For
a directory it indicates that BSD semantics is to be used for that
directory: files created there inherit their group ID from the
directory, not from the effective group ID of the creating process,
and directories created there will also get the S_ISGID bit set. For a
file that does not have the group execution bit (S_IXGRP) set, the
set-group-ID bit indicates mandatory file/record locking (see also

stat.S_ISVTX Sticky bit. When this bit is set on a directory it means
that a file in that directory can be renamed or deleted only by the
owner of the file, by the owner of the directory, or by a privileged

stat.S_IRWXU Mask for file owner permissions.

stat.S_IRUSR Owner has read permission.

stat.S_IWUSR Owner has write permission.

stat.S_IXUSR Owner has execute permission.

stat.S_IRWXG Mask for group permissions.

stat.S_IRGRP Group has read permission.

stat.S_IWGRP Group has write permission.

stat.S_IXGRP Group has execute permission.

stat.S_IRWXO Mask for permissions for others (not in group).

stat.S_IROTH Others have read permission.

stat.S_IWOTH Others have write permission.

stat.S_IXOTH Others have execute permission.

stat.S_ENFMT System V file locking enforcement. This flag is shared
with S_ISGID: file/record locking is enforced on files that do not
have the group execution bit (S_IXGRP) set.

stat.S_IREAD Unix V7 synonym for S_IRUSR.

stat.S_IWRITE Unix V7 synonym for S_IWUSR.

stat.S_IEXEC Unix V7 synonym for S_IXUSR.

os.chmod(path, 0444) is the Python command for changing file permissions in Python 2.x. For a combined Python 2 and Python 3 solution, change 0444 to 0o444.

You could always use Python to call the chmod command using subprocess. I think this will only work on Linux though.

import subprocess[chmod, 0444, path])

Changing file permission in Python

Simply include permissions integer in octal (works for both python 2 and python3):

os.chmod(path, 0o444)

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